THE SONG OF HOPE Within my soul, when clouds hang low, And worn and weary, on I go, Hard-pressed by sorrow and despair, Hope's music comes to quell my fear— Beyond the cloud-veiled skies I see The place my God has made for me. Life, at its best, lasts but a day; Why not be happy 'long the way? Fear flutters 'round my aching heart; At its dark, flapping wings I start, Then, peering out beyond, I see The joys my God reserves for me. No joy of earth so great can be As hope of life God gives to me: — The chill of earth may close around, My feet be soiled by muddy ground, My hands be stained by filth I know, My spirit broken down by woe, But, for it all, my soul is free To grasp the hope God tenders me— The hope, for all I now endure, I can and will be true and pure. Ah, yes! A failure I may be, But great success God holds for me, If I, in faith, but struggle on, Then victory complete is won; Then have I gained life's treasured crown And rise unscathed, though trodden down— Great hope from God! Sweet joy divine! All fadeless wealth of love is mine Because I hold eternally The promise God has made to me.

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