Saturday, July 11, 2015

What are you working on next? Obviously, The Dream Quest Series is set up for a sequels. I've written the first three chapters so far, they are quite fast-paced, but I'm pleased so far that the character of Blade has translated well into the new plots, which is quite twisted and has a few shocks and surprises. Some other Dream Quest characters crop up too, it's a chance to explore the darker sides of people who in The Wolf Dream are just names in Blade's history. The working title is Dark Master (sorry Brian and Linda!). I've also got a third plot roughed out for a third Blade outing - I believe it has a killer twist, if I can pull off the writing! So it may end up as what some would describe as a threesome ("trilogy" is way too fancy a title!).

The oldest, most divesting war of all time has found a way into the world, and is now inflicting itself on all of creation. Heaven and Hell are no longer the only settings for this terrible conflict. The story is taken a place right now on our planet in the 21st century. Angels and demons are among us. And they are bringing their war down upon us. A war in which we are insignificant; a war that we would not have thought possible and that will change our lives forever.

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