Friday, July 10, 2015

BLADE snapped awake, gasping for breath, and the dark dreams that held him abated. The sun was chasing away the morning fog, and the lingering unease slowly retreated just below the surface of his thoughts. “Are you all right?” Sazz asked solemnly. “Those must have been some dreams. You were muttering most of the night, but I guess that is to be expected given the circumstances,” Sazz said, glancing at Blade. Blade wondered what he had been muttering, and for a moment he considered just telling Sazz everything. How long would these dreams haunt him? How long had it been since his dreams were just that—dreams, a brief respite from the waking world? Where would these dreams take him?

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  1. What a great tease leaving the reader wanting more and guessing well thought out