Monday, July 13, 2015

Veil of Darkness

Thank you for the warm welcome. I finished my first book which I started about a year ago. It was a series book. Dream Quest Series: The Wolf Dream, it is published on Smashwords a few days ago. I'm finishing my 2nd book; this one is an dark saga. I had a dramatic change take place in my life at 60 years old that made me want to pursue a life-long dream of being a writer. I started working when I was only 8 years old, after 52 1/2 years of working, I had four heart attacks and for 4 more years I had several others, before I retired two years ago. I have plans to write more books and continue to write articles for large websites( I have had a few poems published). I want to learn about writing newsletters, copywriting and ghost writing. I'm also looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone.
Here is a blurb from my next project... The Dream Quest Series First book edition: Veil of Darkness NIGHTMARES ARE OFTEN built with the bricks of reality. I could not escape from either bad dreams or bad reality. An ominous stillness came over the camp, and Blade sensed something in the air, though he knew not what. It was nearly dawn, not quite time for the soldiers to awaken, and he started for the opening of the tent. “Stay here and stay quiet. I’ll be back as soon as I know what’s going on outside, Blade had whispered to Sazz." The muscles in his jaw contracted. From the moment he’d opened the tent flap and seen the body of his friend on the ground, his throat tightened, but he refused to let fear rule him. “I’m sorry,” I whispered. I put my hand on Rick’s chest, and I felt his ragged, broken body shuttering in death like a trapped animal. His soul knew that it was incomplete, and that it was caged inside a dying vessel. What had caused that suffering, that confusion? Why was he on the ground spilling his life-blood? He felt the doom in his bones. “C’mon,” I said softly, opening up the tent flap, it was time get out of there. The sun was just barely up, and Blade tried in vain to shut out the sound of Sazz screaming at what remained of his friend, as they kept to the shadows and headed for the woods. How could one man ruin so many lives? No, not ruin. Destroy. He no longer had a right to live. Not after all the blood he’d greedily spilled with his sword. Not after all the atrocities he’d committed. Yet here he stood. Somewhere in the distant, unrecorded past he had been alone. It wasn’t fun being the gatekeeper to hell. The only thing worse was being evil’s bitch, and Gunon had been that, too. Willingly. Unashamed. Undead. A twice-designated guardian to a world he’d done his damnedest to annihilate. Yeah, it didn’t make sense to him either. The spirits were ever a mystery. He couldn’t even begin to fathom their reasoning in allowing him to return here. But then the one lesson he’d learned through all of this was the truth in the old saying—man has responsibility, not power. After all these years, he finally understood what that meant. I will not fail them. Or himself.


  1. You are an awesome writer.Hope all your dreams comes true.This is one of my favorite picture of you. Might not say it alot but I am proud of you and would go to the ends of the world with you.

  2. Great job Dad proud of the work and effort you put into this book very captivating and keeps you guessing what's going to happen next I give this story 2 big 👍👍 up